Our Vision


Inquisitive Parents is for all those parents and future parents out there who want to know more about healthy living and in particular improving their children’s health and well being. The website focuses on ways to help children fulfill their potential through healthy nutrition and lifestyle, behavioural management and play. 

Being parents ourselves and having worked in different health settings we have had many friends, patients and colleagues ask health information regarding children, pregnancy and related topics. This need for simple and clear information was the drive behind setting up Inquisitive Parents.

The talks & workshops aim to educate parents on all matters of creating and maintaining healthy families using practical advice with clear reasoning based on medical finds and physiology rather than fads.

As nutrition does not just start from the food we eat but much earlier, topics ranging from nutrition before conception through to pregnancy, nursing, weaning and for the growing child are covered. How nutrition and toxicity can affect behaviour and how to change children’s behaviour in a favourable way as well as learning through play. Getting children involved is a great way to increase the success of their future health and workshops can be a fun way to explore new foods and empower children with the knowledge to make the right choices now and later in life.

If you share our passion for health and the desire to make a better future for our children please visit our talks & workshops section above. 

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