Discounts… they are not just for Christmas!!


If you have landed here you have either seen our post on our facebook page or a a friend suggested our page to you, either way thank you for clicking on us.

A little about us and what we do…

In case you do not know us already we are Naturopaths, Nutritionists and Health Psychologists who run one to one consultations as well as private or group seminars on health, health promotion and behaviour management. The site is aimed at families and therefore has a strong bias towards children’s health and development, however we treat adults as well since they are part of the family too.

On the blog section (and via the Facebook page) we review new studies as well as post research into specific topics that may come up during our parenting life or through patients, friends or from subscribers.

BUT you are here because you have heard about our Christmas offer:

In an effort to make your holiday a healthier one, or possibly helping you save a little on a few presents, we are offering a discount code that will give you 10% off all your purchases from The Nutricentre, UK. They stock a huge variety of supplements, herbs and super-foods as well as books and textbooks on health and related topics (and they will send purchases).

All you have to do is:

We will reply with the code that you will  be able to use on all purchases (not just on the first one).

This is a gift, but should you feel in a giving mode as well then please help us spread the information we share, invite your friends to our page or share this page on your timeline. We will extend the code to anyone who likes our page and messages us before Christmas.

A 10% Discount for families on supplements, herbs, super-foods and books

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